About Us

What We Believe & Practice

We believe that all people were created by God as unique individuals.

This gives every person eternal dignity and entitles each one to our deepest respect.

The fact that God created all life makes life sacred and gives us the responsibility to preserve it from the time of conception through maturity until the call to eternal life through natural death.

We treat one another with fairness, compassion and justice. This means employees will perform their tasks responsibly, and management will establish policies that will help employees grow personally and professionally.

We take care of ourselves and others using preventive means. Where there is illness and suffering, we care for the whole person with compassion and without regard to race, creed or economic status.

In a spirit of trust, we preserve in confidence all information about our patients which might violate their privacy.

Ministering to the people of God is a privilege which we earn through our efforts to practice our beliefs.