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About the Cancer Center

St. Joseph Regional Cancer Center offers access to comprehensive cancer treatments provided by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists. In addition to professional collaboration, we have access to the latest innovative treatments and state-of-the-art equipment. We offer coordination with other centers for clinical trials. Patient comfort and well-being are of primary focus and importance. For treatment that goes beyond just medicine, come to the only cancer treatment center within a 100-mile radius. We are the regions only accredited community cancer center.

Our comprehensive cancer program includes medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. The Radiation Oncology Center serves patients from North Central Idaho, Southeast Washington and Northern Oregon.

Medical Oncology/Hematology Services

St. Joseph Regional Cancer Center is a leader in the region for treatment of oncology and hematology patients. A multidisciplinary team approach helps to ensures that the patient and family understand the treatment process.

Satellite Programs

Two satellite clinics have been established to serve patients in outlying areas. Clinic locations are at Gritman Medical Center, Moscow and Pullman Regional Hospital, Pullman.

Radiation Oncology Treatment Services

The radiation oncology treatment team includes a physician, medical physicist, a dosimetrist, radiation therapists (all board-certified in radiation oncology) and an oncology nurse. There are generally three treatment methods for cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and external or internal radiation therapy, all available at SJRMC. Often a combination of these treatments is used to fight the effects of cancer and the cancer itself.

St. Joseph offers both external and internal radiation therapies. External therapy uses a linear accelerator to direct the high-energy rays to the cancer and the surrounding diseased tissue. Internal radiation implants use radioactive materials with a very short half-life to deliver radiation to the cancer/tumor. Implants may be "needles" placed next to the tumor or "seeds" injected directly into the tumor. Internal radiation is also known as brachytherapy. This technique uses computer mapping and a treatment-planning computer to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Prostate Seed Implants

Prostate seed implants are now available through the Radiation Oncology Center. The process involves embedding 80 to 100 low energy I-25 radioactive "seeds" into the prostate. A radiation physicist and dosimetrist use results from an ultrasound study to determine the number and exact placement of the seeds. A radiation oncologist inserts preloaded implant needles into the prostate to embed the seeds. A computed tomography (CT) scan verifies the location of the seeds in the prostate. The actual implant procedure is performed in one of the operating suites at SJRMC.

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