Foundation Projects

Capital Expansion Projects and Special Equipment

This year the proceeds will go to benefit the purchase of:

VOLCANO: Precision Guided Vascular Therapy

The Volcano device is designed to assist with endovascular procedures by enhancing the diagnosis of vascular and heart disease, as well as helping with minimal invasive surgeries.

This device allows for simplified interpretation of ultrasound images and also provides detailed information on the composition of plaque within the wall of an artery. 

This technology identifies the extent of a blocked artery so that the best possible treatment can be chosen.  

The Volcano will enhance Cardiovascular and Interventional services at the Medical Center. 

Since adding these service lines in the past year, our inpatient and outpatient cardiac care avoids emergency transfers and keeps patients and families closer to home. By saving precious minutes and providing excellent care, we're doing more than saving families money; we're saving lives.

Over the last 30 years, projects and equipment the Foundation has helped finance include:

2014: Women's Health Imaging Services
2013: Women's Health Imaging Services, Carondelet House Renovation Project, Cardiovascular Interventional Services 'Volcano'
2012: Cardiac Program
2011: Mobile Digital Mammography Unit
2010: Non-Invasive Ventilation Machines
2009: Operating Room Equipment & Instrumentation & Community Healthcare Education & Information
2008: Cancer Center Outpatient Clinic
2007: Digital Mammography
2006: Family Beginnings Unit Facelift
2005: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Machine
2004: Healthcare Scholarships & Ed Programs for schools
2003: Intensive Care Nursery Warmer and Ed Programs
2002: Open MRI
2001: Computed Radiology System
2000: Defibrallator for Minor Care
1999: Evoked Potential Machine
1998: Prostate Radiation Seed Implant Project
1997: Echocardiography Project
1996: Bone Densitometry Equipment
1995: Radiation Oncology Expansion
1994: Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillators
1993: Video Camera for Laparoscopy & Arthroscopy
1992: Pediatric Remodel
1991: MicroMedex
1983-1990: Diromama Project

Health Care Education and Information

Your Doctor Speaks

This is an important community health care education program free to the public. Local physicians present information on current health care topics once a month—from September to June—each year.

Think First

This program provides bicycle helmets for at-risk children and sponsors a bicycle safety challenge event annually.

Sober Graduation

The Foundation contributes to area senior class students for safe, alcohol-free graduation activities.

Health Care Programs and Services

Carondelet House

The Carondelet House has 27 rooms. Radiation oncology patients and families comprise the majority of the stays. In addition, families of patients who are critically ill can stay here to be close to a loved one. The Carondelet House is operated on a donation-only basis.

Road to Health Diorama

In 1984, the Foundation adopted a unique way to recognize people or groups who make a contribution in any form to the Foundation. The 15-foot bronze sculpture "Road to Health" is located outside diagnostic imaging, near the elevator on the main floor of the medical center. The bronze depicts a pioneer physician in a horse-drawn buggy making house calls. Personal recognition is shown by inscribing contributors' names on the different bricks that represent the paved road and on the bricks attached to the surrounding boulders, trees, hills, stars and sun.

Contact the Foundation

The Foundation office can assist you or your organization, your family or your loved ones with the placement that represents their particular level of giving. Confirmation will be given to all contributors that their inscribed brick will forever remain on the "Road to Health."

Please contact the Foundation office at 208-799-5416, or any one of the Trustees if you have any questions about the Foundation.

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