Joan Koorenny, RN

September Daisy Award Winner


St. Joseph Regional Medical Center is proud to recognize Joan Koorenny, RN, as the September recipient of the Daisy Award. She works in the Nursery and Family Beginnings.
Joan is knowledgeable, skilled, dependable, and has a great attitude. She is able to manage a nursery full of babies and attend multiple deliveries throughout the day. Joan has an amazing attitude, and does it all with a smile and skipping down the hall.

She has a positive outlook about work, and her happiness is contagious to staff working beside her. Joan is a strong leader and role model in the Nursery and Family Beginnings. Congratulations!

The Daisy Award is an International Nurse Recognition Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Joan Koorenny is now one of those exceptional nurses who symbolize all the best that the Daisy Award represents. To learn more about the Daisy Award and the honor it represents: