December Daisy Award Winner

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center proudly recognizes Miriam Sweeney, RN, as our first 2017 recipient of the Daisy Award at SJRMC. Miriam works in the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Pediatrics Department.

Miriam consistently goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She treats each and every patient as her main priority with extraordinarily compassionate care. Miriam is professional, knowledgeable and leads by example. She handles difficult challenges gracefully, enjoys working with children, and serves as an excellent role model for all nurses.

We thank Miriam for her hard work and commitment to our patients! Her extraordinary dedication to both patients and co-workers is why she is considered one of the exceptional nurses at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

The Daisy Award is an International Nurse Recognition Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Tami Colpitts is now one of those extraordinary nurses who symbolize all the best that the Daisy Award represents. To learn more about the #DaisyAward and the honor it represents: 


Tami Colpitts