Alicia Parker, RN

April Daisy Award Winner

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center proudly recognizes Alicia Parker, RN, as our latest recipient of the Daisy Award. Alicia works in St. Joseph Outpatient Heart & Vascular.
Alicia's co-workers had this to say about her: "Alicia brings a vast array of skills which make her a truly awesome mentor to the staff. Her skilled senses provide her with the ability to diminish fear and stress to our patients and their situation. She is reliable and flexible to meet the needs of the department. Her personality and ability to sense the needs of the patients and her peers make her a great pleasure to work with. The OPHV team is honored to have Alicia on our team."
Congratulations, Alicia! Thank you for sharing yourself and your skillset with our patients and co-workers. We proudly recognize you as one of the exceptional nurses at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center!
The Daisy Award is an International Nurse Recognition Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Alicia Parker is now one of those exceptional nurses who symbolize all the best that the Daisy Award represents. To learn more about the Daisy Award and the honor it represents: