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Emergency and Trauma

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Stroke Warning Signs

FACE drooping. ARM weakness. SPEECH difficulty. TIME to call 9-1-1

Spot A Stroke

Heart Attack?

If you are experiencing chest pain or any of the symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Signs & Symptoms

Cardiac Emergency Care

We earned our accreditation from the American College of Cardiology, meaning we meet or exceed quality of care measures for your patients who may be having a heart attack or other cardiac event.

The national benchmark for obtaining and interpreting an EKG is 10 minutes. At 8 minutes, St. Joe's consistently outperforms this benchmark, which facilitates early diagnosis of a heart attack for patients coming directly to our ED.

We understand that every minute counts when you're experiencing a heart attack. National standards encourage a door-to-balloon time (the time between first medical contact and the opening of a blocked artery) of 90 minutes or less. At St. Joe’s, our average door-to-balloon time is consistently less than 60 minutes, and we've taken patients door-to-balloon in as little as 11 minutes.

Stroke Emergency Care 

Our designation as a Primary Stroke Center, through the State of Washington, means that we follow the best practices for stroke care and tailor our interventions to individual patient needs. Our targeted, quality program is dedicated to saving lives, and minimizing disability and the damaging effects related to stroke.

St. Joseph’s Primary Stroke Center provides:

  • Rapid assessment of patients with stroke symptoms
  • Aggressive treatment using the very latest therapies and procedures to remove or dissolve blood clots and blockages inside the neck and head
  • Comprehensive care throughout hospitalization, including the services of an Adult Critical Care Unit
  • Nurses with neurological expertise or special training in stroke care
  • Comprehensive care from board certified neurologists
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Community education programs and support group

Patient Care Team