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Pastoral Care

Call 208.799.5204

What Pastoral Care Provides

Our chaplains support the diverse healing sources of beliefs, traditions and cultural backgrounds—the lived experiences chosen by each person. In doing so our chaplains hope to help each person reflect on and connect with the source of their inner strength, hope, love, and life. 

Having our pastoral care team and chaplains available 24/7 is a unique service within our area. We have volunteer Eucharistic Ministers who bring Communion daily to our Catholic patients and families.

Our chaplains are available to provide information and to help complete advance directives (living will, durable power of attorney for health care and POST/POLST). These services are available free of charge to patients and community members. Contact 208-799-5204 for an appointment.


Our chaplains are trained professionals, both ordained and non-ordained women and men, who represent various faith traditions and who work throughout the hospital. They have advanced degrees in theology and spirituality, and each has had training in hospital chaplaincy. Our chaplains work on their assigned units during the daytime hours and attempt to visit each patient during their hospital stay. 


To be assured of a chaplain visit, please ask your nurse to contact a chaplain for you. You can also call your own priest, pastor or spiritual caregiver. They are always welcome and encouraged to visit. With your consent, our chaplains can also assist you with this. 

Our chaplains can also be an effective resource when faced with ethical issues or difficult health-related decisions, such as end-of-life situations, choice or refusal of treatment, or when treatment options seem no longer effective.

Patient and Community Services

Our chaplains also can provide relaxation and imaging techniques, grief education and clarification of values and goals for our patients and families.

Chapel and Pastoral Care Offices

The chapel is located on the second floor, near the cafeteria and just past our chaplains' offices. Patients and families are welcome to visit at any time.

Outside the chapel is a "Prayer Board" with prayers for those in need. They are remembered in our prayers and ministry. We invite you to write your prayer request on a card. The hospital respects patient confidentiality. Please ask permission before you write the patient's name on a card.