2016 Employee of the Year

Kathlene Biggers




Kathlene Biggers came to work at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in March 1983, and quickly earned the respect of her peers by going above and beyond to do what was best for her department and the Medical Center as a whole. Kathy has held various positions during her 33-year career and presently is an Inventory Specialist for Supply Chain. Kathy exemplifies the true definition of this award and would be the first to tell you that this award is not just about her, but about each and every employee at St. Joseph who works tirelessly to provide excellent service for all those we serve. Kathy is an exemplary employee, always willing to go the extra mile.

With a strong work ethic and professional manner, Kathy is very knowledgeable and makes great customer service a top priority by providing timely responses as a part of her daily work. Kathy’s personal motivation and desire to do the best possible job makes her a true asset. She is a big believer in leaving things better than how she found them, and that’s what she preaches and teaches to our team. Her co-workers say Kathy has amazing organizational skills and knowledge of the supplies used in every area of the Medical Center. She is considered a “behind the scenes champion” who can tell one where to look, how to acquire, or who to talk with to obtain what is needed. Kathy is a joy to work with and always ready to respond to the needs of the “dear neighbor”! Everything Kathy does truly comes from the heart. In every hospital, Supply Chain is critical. Within Supply Chain, there are many challenges and it takes a remarkable group of people, like Kathy, to do this kind of work. It not only takes expertise in supply chain, but it also takes courage and commitment—and Kathy delivers all of this with professionalism and passion every single day. Kathy is not only a gift to the Supply Chain team, but also to St. Joseph’s overall mission. Thank you Kathy, for your commitment to excellence, compassion, and the healing ministry of Jesus! We are proud to honor Kathlene Biggers as our 2016 Employee of the Year for her embodiment of our mission and values and the excellent service she provides.