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My Health Record is an online service through which hospital patients, cancer center and radiation oncology patients can review their personal care summary, record their own personal health notes, and list their medications and allergies.

One of the most convenient features of My Health Record is the online Personal Health Record. The Personal Health Record allows you to store, view, and update your health information in one secure place. Only you can decide who has access to your medical history, which ensures your privacy.

You can also use it to help manage the health of someone you care for, with their permission. Using a Personal Health Record can help people make better health decisions and improve their quality of care by allowing them to access and use the information needed to communicate effectively with others about their healthcare.

Here's a list of some of the things you can do through My Health Record:

  • Review hospital discharge summaries
  • View lab and other test results
  • Review medications and allergies
  • Record your own personal health notes


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Need assistance?

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To access your records on our previous health portal, use the link below.