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SeniorLife Program

Call 208.799.5529

Prescription Assistance

SeniorLife works with more than 400 pharmaceutical companies and programs. You may be eligible to receive free or discounted prescription drugs if you have a limited income and no prescription coverage or are in the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole.”

Insurane Enrollment

We offer Medicare Part D counseling and will compare different companies and prices. We can help determine what policy coverage is best for you depending on your specific medications.

For free Medical/Medicare Counseling and Processing when you need assistance with preauthorization or rectifying processing errors, call Melissa O'Harra, your SeniorLife coordinator, for an appointment: 208.799.5529.

Cafeteria Discount

Present your SeniorLife cafeteria discount card to receive a 10 percent discount on meals served in the St. Joe's cafeteria anytime.