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"I really like being able to affect someone's outcome and health. It's gratifying to see that you're able to affect each patient's outcome, how well they live if they return to normal activity...there's not much more gratifying than that."

-Dr. Ho, Interventional/ Neurointerventional Radiologist



"...St. Joes recognized the importance of being certified when I was working in sterile processing and pushed for the whole department to be certified. Only two states require it.  The leaders at St. Joe's saw the importance of the job and decided that it would be a requirement to work in that department. We have a wonderful team and I am proud to be a part of that team!! I plan to be here for a long time to come!!"

- Kathy Biggers, 2016 Employee of the Year




"I did not realize what taking that Central Processor job would mean to me in 1986.  I now realize that by starting to work here at SJRMC, I opened a vault of unique opportunities to grow my career.  The SJRMC employment offers a whole world of opportunity to become something you never dreamed of.  The administrative team encourages everyone to grow their careers, and they really work with employees to pursue education.  They make every effort to retain the staff that they hire. I feel like my life has become more than I could have ever dreamed of by taking that first job in Central Supply. I feel valued and extremely honored to have been here for 30 years, and plan to stay until I retire.”

-Janet Cloke, RN, Clinical Care Coordinator, Outpatient Heart and Vascular