The goal of palliative care is providing the best quality of life for patients and their families.


Palliative Care focuses on the unique needs of patients with serious or terminal illness. We provide active, total care for patients whose severe illness is not responding to treatment. Attention to controlling pain and other symptoms, as well as psychological, social and spiritual concerns, is primary.

The program

Living with a complex and serious illness can affect you in so many ways. Our palliative care team members can assist you during this challenging time. They specialize in the relief of physical, emotional, social and spiritual suffering. The team works with your primary care physician to address your needs, questions, and hopes. When you define what quality of life means to you, we are better able to help you achieve your goals and address the limits of your illness.

Palliative care helps connect you with meaningful information and resources that enhance your quality of life. We understand that those conversations and actions that help you plan for the future, whatever it may hold, are crucial and we are here to help facilitate them.



our services:

St. Joseph offers many Quality Care Services:

  • Plans the care the patient wants, ensuring that the treatment team and the patient’s family understand their personal and unique hopes.
  • Provides vigorous treatment of pain and common symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, depression and anxiety throughout a patient’s illness.
  • Provides emotional and spiritual counseling for the patient and family, helping them as they face difficult medical decisions.
  • Helps prepare the patient for the transition from hospital to home, such as in-home support and equipment.
  • Ensures that the patient is informed, enabled and empowered to make choices that provide quality of life within the limitations of the illness.

the consultation team

The team is composed of physicians, nurses, a social worker, a chaplain and a pharmacist. The palliative care team partners with a patient’s primary physician to deliver well-coordinated and well-communicated care. Let our professionally trained team support you as you seek answers to your personal health care questions.

patient care team

Leah Jones, MD
Palliative Care

April Christiansen, Np-C
Palliative Care





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