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Part of the St. Joseph comprehensive Cancer program, our Radiation Oncology Center delivers advanced cancer care, here at home. Our expert providers specialize in radiation treatment for cancer and oncology care and use state-of-the-art technology. We are conquering cancer and restoring your health & wellness. We are your team in the fight against cancer.

Our Radiation Oncology Services:

  • Two linear accelerators to provide radiation treatment.
  • Computerized tomography scanner, simulator, and 3-D treatment planning.
  • External beam radiation, including electron boosts for breast cancer lesions and superficial radiation therapy for skin cancer.
  • IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) delivers higher radiation doses directly to cancer cells while sparing more of the surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Portal imaging to provide instant digital images for treatment verifications.
  • PET/CT (positron emission tomography) is used in combination with CT to evaluate and stage cancer

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Theresa Pagliuca
Radiation Oncologist

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