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2019 Employee of the Year

Angie Jackson




Beginning in 2002, Angie has served as a Registered Nurse in the OR, a Data Steward (including being the regional program director), followed by being the Director of Cardiology Services and currently the Regional Program Manager of Stroke, Cardiac and Trauma Services.  Angie is described as living our value of Service by responding to the needs of the hospital and her co-workers in various departments, which leads to enhancing the care provided to our patients. She responds well to our value of Reverence which calls us to be respectful and compassionate. Recognizing the dignity of each person enables Angie to respond with respect to all with whom she ministers and serves. 

Angie lives the value of Integrity by inspiring trust through her personal leadership. Her willingness to assume various roles is a sign of this gift that she has given to St. Joe’s and those with whom she ministers.

The value of Wisdom calls us to integrate excellence and stewardship. Her understanding of the need to do this enables her to lead by example in encouraging and supporting others in an effort to maintain the medical center’s fiscal viability while providing the best possible care to those we serve.

The value of Creativity calls us to courageous innovation. Angie excels in this as she continues to strengthen the Center of Excellence while being responsive in assisting others to enhance our services.

The value of Dedication calls us to affirm the hope and joy of our ministry. In word and action, we can look to Angie to help us embrace this value while sharing it with others. Joy is at the heart of our service to others and our gift to one another. Thank you, Angie, for sharing this gift with all of us.

We are proud to honor Angie Jackson for living our Mission and Values while serving all people without distinction, as together we continue the healing ministry of Jesus.